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     As a music professional, I have spent the last 10 years creating my own versatile style of performance music.  I pride my self on my professionalism as well as musical ability.  After performing at fair number of venues and events in the Las Vegas, Seattle, and Denver areas, I began focusing my time and efforts on perfecting my customer and consumer relation skills.  I am currently seeking any and all opportunities to grow my music, the venues, events I perform at, and myself in every way I can.  I am open to all opportunities to build new professional relationships and grow the current ones I have.
   My style of music is eclectic to say the least.  By providing a unique type of music covering audiences preferring various types of music, I have developed, and continue to develop, a selective fan base.  I can and have performed various genres of music for multiple different audiences.
While I have worked collectively with all other forms of artists, vendors, and performers, I now have progressed to a more team-oriented model.  I work directly with my own representation and management to offer a diverse performance package.  As a team we pride ourselves on providing concise communication, clear terms of performance, a marketing team, and promotions team.  Our goal is to make the planning, promoting, and performing stream-lined for club owners and to provide a unique and special performance for all.


Escobar (Aspen, CO)
Goose Town Tavern (Denver, CO)
Grant-Humphreys Haunted Mansion Party (Denver, CO)
Temple Night Club (Denver, CO)
Gothic Theatre (Englewood, CO)
Mile High Spirits (Denver, CO)
American Bonded (Denver, CO)
Larimer Lounge (Denver, CO)
After Hours [Private] (Denver, CO)
Neon Baby (Denver, CO)
Summit Music Hall (Denver, CO)
Nation Western Complex (Denver, CO)
The Matchbox (Denver, CO)
Meadowlark Bar  (Denver, CO)
Meadowlark Kitchen (Denver, CO)
715 Club (Denver, CO)
Tetra Lounge (Denver, CO)
Cold Crush (Denver,  CO)
Taxi Pool Party Summer Events (Denver, CO)
Native Hotel (Denver, CO)
Mezcal (Denver, CO)
Twisted Turtle (Grand Junction, CO) 
Pabst Blue Ribbon Festival Denver (Denver, CO)
Chrome Industries Company Party (Boulder, CO)
Camel Cigarettes Promotional Events (Denver, CO)
Tahonas Tequila Bistro (Boulder, CO)
School of Breaking (Aurora, CO)

The Breakin Convention (Denver, CO)
Squire Lounge (Denver, CO)
Pabst Blue Ribbon Festival (Denver CO)
Walrus Room (Boulder, CO)
Radio City Pizza (Las Vegas, NV)
Beauty Bar (Las Vegas, NV)
Vanguard (Las Vegas, NV)
Commonwealth (Las Vegas, NV)
Velveteen Rabbit (Las Vegas, NV)
Barkada (Las Vegas, NV)
Dirty Blondes @ Planet Hollywood Hotel (Las Vegas, NV)
Hard Rock Cafe (Las Vegas, NV)
Zizzy’s Karaoke (Las Vegas, NV)
Fukuburger Car Shows (Las Vegas, NV)
Insomnia Hookah Cafe (Las Vegas, NV)
Ohana Belltown (Seattle, WA)
Luna Lounge JDM Sport / Sma Release Party (Las Vegas, NV)
3 Kings Hookah Lounge (Las Vegas, NV)
12AM Run Clothing Store (Las Vegas, NV)
Hip Hop International Dance Battles (Las Vegas, NV)
Ohana Belltown (Seattle, WA)

Ciara’s Cantina (Grand Junction, CO)
Bao Brewhouse (Denver, CO)
Scarlet Ranch (Littleton, CO)
Edgewater Market (Edgewater, CO)
Black Sheep (Colorado Springs, CO)